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Whachow! It's like a kick in the nuts!

Yeah! It's a podcast and talk show! Yeah! But it's just filled with dick jokes! Yeah! So hey, why don't you join us? Yeah! And listen to the goodness!

Episode 320: 2008
Wednesday, February 5, 2014
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People: Gabby, Dave, Cyberlink, Frob, Katy, Sean, Yoav, Cheru, Martin, 8-bit Mickey and Dr. Gigantic Chicken

Personal News (Projects, upcoming cons, etc)
Gabby, Dave, Tombstone and SewporSaigui are guests at Galacon
Pokébank is open so go and get it

Episode 319: The Weenie Scheme
Wednesday, January 29, 2014
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People: Gina, Frob, Dave, Gabby, Yoav, GameBuddy, Cyberlink, Cheru, SolidJak, Sean, Martin, Katy, and Musical Mork

Personal News (Projects, upcoming cons, etc)
NormalBoobs is back
ScreenWave Media DoesAThing Cartridge Blowhards
Monty’s Charity Drive
Alabamers got 2 inches of penis and everybody died
Gamercat plushie Glitch was funded
I wonder what’s inside a WonderMom

Episode 318: Takahata101 | Team Four Star
Wednesday, January 22, 2014
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Today, we interview Takahata101 along with Faulerro and MasakoX and the regular cast. Things get interesting when Taka realizes Yoav is The Living Tombstone from the Brony Documentary. Really great answers to some fun questions.

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People: Dave, Yoav, Gabby, Sean, Cyberlink, Faulerro, Fob, Gamebuddy, Masako, and Katy
Title: Takahata101

Questions of EXCELLENCE
If you could be any kind of tree what kind of tree would you be and why?
So okay - how did Team Four Star Become a thing?
“TAKAHATA101”? What happened to the other 100?
Whose idea was it to abridge Attack on Titan and how'd you end up working with TehExorcist?
Do you ever get tired of every woman on the planet going after your balls?
What is your least favorite character to voice?
Can you do an impersonation of your team members and can you show us what a normal scripting session is like.
What is your favorite sound?
Least favorite
What is your favorite food?
Least favorite
If you could turn into any animal in the world what would you turn into and what would you do?
Can you turn super saiyan?
Who is your favorite pony
What’s the one question you get asked the most?
Do you wanna go to Dairy Queen?
Is Nappa truly dead?
Favorite Movie
Least favorite
Any advice you have for people wanting to start their own abridged series?
and voice acting

Episode 317: Final Groan
Wednesday, January 15, 2014
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People: Cyberlink, Gina, CrikeyDave, Gabby, GameBuddy, Sean, Gage, Gaijin Goomba, Katy, and Frob, AND DUSTIN ROSS

General News and stories:
Weird Al in MLP
Ryo Hizukerberk in Steam Sonic
Gaijin’s highly controversial music video
Broken Age


Episode 316: Gaijin Goomba
Wednesday, January 8, 2014
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Today we're joined by Gaijin Goomba - creator of Game Exchange and a vital part of the Game Theorists. We get behind the Goomba to see what makes him and his show tick.

Episode 315: Martroid: Shadow Poptarts
Wednesday, January 1, 2014
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People: Frob, Katy, Appkejack, Cyberlink, Gabby, Martin, Drunk Sean

General News and stories:
- James Avery

Episode 314: Hold on I have a call
Wednesday, December 18, 2013
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People: CrikeyDave, ThatSean, Gabby, Cyberlink, Gina, GameBuddy, Cheru, Frob, Trunks, Martin, X, Katy, and Josh King of Fighters 99’ AND MUSICAL MIKE

Title: Hold on I have a call
- Christmas!!!
- Trunks is going to Icky Can
- So like Yoshi’s Island is in Sonic’s butt!!!!!! X is a cock That was interesting. Ish.
- X has a new review shoe and he’s going to some cons nobody cares about
- Hey! Rosalina in Smash Brothers! Honestly I thought it was a trailer for Kirby in Mario Kart 8 but okay.
- So like Hyrule Warriors looks fucking awesome. Eat your heart out Kamen Rider Batman War.
- uhhh SHIET
- Oh right Egoraptor’s new band StarBomb fucking dominates the charts. In real life. Established musicians baffled.
- Josh wants to plug his butt

Episode 313: Eat my entire butt
Wednesday, December 11, 2013
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- YouTube ID Claims!!
- I put new videos
- Me putting up new videos
- Cheru is in here
- VaginaX just kidding Telltales and fly whatevers I mean no man sky ever
- Cranky Kong is playing Donkeys
- Trunks is making Vinyl Scratch
- Project M gives me a sweat pants bonerz
- Oh yeah Sonic patches

Episode 312: Risk of Cock Spider
Wednesday, December 4, 2013
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People: Gina, Katy, Trunks, Cheru, Dave, Frob, Gabby, Gage, Sean, Yoav, Luke, Martin, and Tiko
Title: Risk of Cock Spider
- SuperNatureale
- Frozen was ACTUALLY OK.
- Catching Fire is SO GOOD. IT’S SO. SO GOOD. AUGH. SO. SO GOOD.
- Persona Abridged
- Risk of Raaaain?
- Lobodestroyo

Episode 311: Wet Dream
Wednesday, November 27, 2013
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People: Yoav, Gabby, Frob, Dave, Katy, Cyberlink, Gina, Sean, GameBuddy, and Psy’s Dad, Cheru Title: Wet Dream
- Brian Griffith
- Talk about Mario 3D World
- New Zelda
- Thanksgiving
- Hanooka
- Doctor Whom
- Pones
- Persofone 4
- Friday is Kick Amanda day

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